EWD QuadroLine

Reducing – Bandsaw line

Reducer bandsaw sytem for high throughput, recovery andmaximum flexibility.

The demanding job of the saw filing of bandsaw blades is now done automatically by a new generation of stellite- tipping, grinding-, levelling and tensioning machines with highest reliability.

New bandsaw steel qualities allow longer hours of operation with even thinner blade thickness.

The reducer bandsaw allows to process large sawing heights with a minimum saw kerf. The positioning of the saw lines and therefore the production of any lumber size required is basically unlimited.

Variable speed drives for the sawing speed allow the adjustment of the sawing process to fit the different cutting conditions.

With the modular design of the EWD Bandsaw Technology every conceivable task in today’s sawmill industry can be solved.

The combination of bandsaw, circular saw and canter technology is almost without limits.

With feed speeds in excess of 120 m/min, the reducer bandsaw technology not only satisfies highest recovery requirements, but also the need for high