Hydromat 3500

Stability and flexibility in outstanding combination guarantee perfect surface quality with high productivity

WEINIG high-speed planing machines offer uncompromising performance. In no time at all, you can convert a stack of timber into high-quality workpieces.

The Highspeed series is the top performance league in terms of design and processing. This means planing and profiling with feed speeds up to 800 m/min. And with incredibly clean surfaces. So perfect that many even go without sanding.

WEINIG Highspeed also means efficient production in batches large and small. In addition, you will benefit from safety based on strict quality standards, fantastic ease of use and naturally, top service from the world market leader. What are your requirements? They are all within your grasp. Make your choice from our application-oriented range. From the Hydromat 3500 entry model to the Hydromat 6000 powerhouse. And we refine the machine to your individual production requirements. Automation systems, tools, measuring systems, adjustment aids and grinding machines. Everything from a single source.