INTERWEG Ltd. is the exclusive producer of woodworking equipment from Germany — SEANERMAN Ltd. The equipment made in Germany, meets the highest quality standards and sells at affordable price, as well as acquisition opportunities for specific partners.

We are looking forward to the cooperation with large and medium-sized business in Europe, Asia and Russian market.

Seanerman Company was founded in 1886 by Austrian businessman Michael Seanerman. Michael was born in October 22, 1858 in Cisleithania of the Austrian Empire in the family of famous businessman, Daniel Seanerman.

In 1890 he constructed the first woodworking machine in the world using blades with diamond points. This machine enabled to process hardwoods with maximum precision, which was impossible to do earlier on the machines with common metallic saws and power operation.

New products to sell in 2017

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Our Solutions

Our company supplies high-quality and modern equipment for processing solid wood and wooden materials.

Machine tools for longitudinal cutting

Window machining center

Sharpening Tool

Lines for finger jointing

Press for gluing board

Milling Machines

Machine tools for cross-cutting and optimization

Cutting tools

Band saws

Profiling centers

Controlling and measuring instruments


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